Actually I have never traveled abroad.

Actually, I have never traveled abroad.

Actually, I have never traveled abroad. However, for a while I am a bit tired of domestic travel, I will write the current feelings I long for overseas travel. Domestic trips got tired, as I was ordered to go out on a holiday trip on my holiday trip and I have nothing to do, so I walked around the domestic nearby places. Because it was a basic day trip, I could not go so far, but I think that I did not feel confused or fresh thought no matter where I go. And, it was originally wanting to spend time with my family, or a holiday that I would like to spend slowly at home, forced to go out, whose purpose was domestic travel, became a phobia of domestic travel I think that it was. With such a thing also, I am currently suffering from depression, I am preoccupied with Yoshimoto Banana 's novels and essays etc while taking a rest. There are quite a lot of things set in foreign countries set in her work, but as you read it, longing for foreign countries will inflate without any problems. It seems that there are also parts that God lives on, Bali, spirit islands Saipan, hot and passionate South America, etc ... ..., although there are parts that have been drawn to the smoothness of her sentences, what is domestic travel in daily life I thought of traveling abroad that took a distinctive line, I have no intention of traveling domestic anymore, it is a strong feeling that I want to go abroad.

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